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The Healer Behind The Crystals

Brandy is a Certified Crystal Healer helping clients achieve energetic alignment through crystals and stones.


“Invoking transformation and setting intention to create positive change and achieve energetic realignment”

Hello and Welcome to my home! Whether you are looking for crystal therapy services or just want to learn a little about crystal healing and the science behind it, I am thrilled that you popped in! I offer a variety of crystal healing services, tarot reading sessions and other products to help you invoke transformation and achieve energetic realignment throughout your journey.

About Brandy

I am a Certified Crystal Healer based out of the beautiful Texas Hill Country who offers crystal healing services and other products. I’d love to share my journey with you!

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Check out the different crystal healing services, tarot readings, custom crystal and crystal grid consultations I have to offer, as well as products to help assist in your energetic realignment.

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The Blog

Visit my Blog and read about the kinds of energies that can influence your day-to-day, or learn about various holistic approaches for maintaining a balanced life.

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What is Crystal Healing? What are Chakras? What is an Aura? Learn about the science behind it all, as well as other related topics and different healing modalities.

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Client Testimonials

I just had my first tarot reading with Brandy yesterday and was totally wow'd by her accuracy and confidence. She knows her stuff!! I totally recommend you try any of her products or services. She's legit!

Romy Nava

This was an amazing spiritual experience that truly settled my energies down and started them in the right direction of harmony. Brandie is an amazing specialist that knows and understands what she is doing and the attention that needs to be paid to each and every person. Couldn't recommend higher than I do to get your treatments from her!

Samantha Bellows

She's very knowledgeable in her field . Did everything possible to make sure I was comfortable. Felt great afterwards. I highly recommend this.

Michael Schiber

I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Brandy is so professional and positive. I have been feeling lost and uneasy lately, and my session helped me clear my thinking and just be more present. She gave me so much information, and guidance that I left feeling like I had a place to start dealing with the mess that I have surrounded myself with. Definitely felt like a light in the darkness.

Kristina Jones

She is incredibly thorough, organized and practical. I have never walked away from any session with a list of tools to use to continue my own healing. She is worth every penny! She not only maps out a grid on paper but she takes pictures for you to follow on yourself at home. She is definitely the most empowering profession I have experienced. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Tracy Rico

The highest quality Crystal wands & gemstones I have seen in awhile both online and in person, and the best Crystals in San Antonio! Reading was spot on and Crystal recommendations are very good. Brandy knows crystals inside and out and has a personal relationship with her miners so you always get the best crystals and readings with her.

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