Crystal Healing/Therapy is a non-invasive, fully clothed complementary modality. You will be emailed a series of documents to look over and complete including a questionnaire, intake consent form, client disclosure form, and a HIPPA Notice and Policy. These forms are required for your initial session only.

These documents are given to you to provide valuable information in assisting your healing; you will need to fill them out where applicable and bring them with you to your session.

If you forget to bring your completed documents to the session, you will be provided copies at the session. However, the time spent re-completing the paperwork may intrude on the time allotted for your session and potentially increase the cost of service as the session length will have to be extended.

You Scheduled a Session, Now What?

Despite some images you see online of shirtless or partially nude individuals with crystals placed about their body, this is unnecessary; crystal and stone vibrational frequencies permeate through clothing.

So what should I wear?

Come in something loose fitting and comfortable as you want to be completely relaxed rather than distracted by itchy material, having circulation compressed, etc. You may want to wear socks as you will remove your shoes during the session; your feet may get cold as the body’s metabolism drops slightly when in a very relaxed state.

Your session at a glance

The initial stage involves a review of your documents, a brief description (goals) of the session, and an overview of the stone plan. This allows me to better understand your needs and provides you the opportunity to better understand the process and ask questions.

The second phase involves the assessment of your energy centers (Chakras) and the application of the crystals and stones in order to balance the energy in the biofield. You will be lying down face up and will have a sheet or blanket draped over your body.

The conclusion phase involves the removal of the crystals and stones, a period of re-acclimation, and a summary of the session notes that were taken. I will provide you recommendations for improving and maintaining your energy flow in accordance to the observations made during the session.


Post session, you will be emailed a document containing more detailed recommendations to help balance and maintain your vibrational frequencies.

When should I schedule another session?

The need for another session and the amount of time between sessions is unique to each individual. The end evaluation of your energetic vibrational frequencies will determine if and when you need another session, as well as the length of the session needed to address the imbalance or instability. Please see our Services page for additional information.

Expect a deep sense of relaxation and calm as the brain enters Theta Waves. It is not uncommon for clients to relax to the extent of falling asleep.